What I Write

My fiction is not yet published, but if you’re interested, here’s what I’m about.

Beeeeeep (Working title that really needs a new name)

Deja’s spent the last six years rebuilding her life after amnesia. A job at the library, judo, and Science/Alien Abduction MeetUps balance out doctors’ visits and therapy, but nothing quite fills the hole. Something’s missing, and it’s more than her memory. Despite an encounter with new MeetUp member Edmon setting the ringing in her ears to crackling static, Deja finally feels the click of fitting in. Then Edmon starts talking about how she’s an alien from outer space, Earth is in danger of being overtaken by a species who would mine it to death, and can she help him steal some honey bees? Someone needs therapy more than her—until Edmon proves he knows her better than she ever will, and the Enemy Aliens ignite dormant instincts to protect, serve, and… privateer? (Light science fiction, in progress)

Unalienable Rights

Elena Cosgrove is the daughter of rebels and an agent of the Union. Working for the oppressive regime isn’t her first choice of employment, but it keeps her alive—provided her past stays where it lies. Yet when she’s tasked with recovering a kidnapped senator, she can’t turn away from the rebels who come asking for her help. They, too, are missing people, and the senator is the shared link. Finding him sets off a series of events that threaten to leave a dagger in the heart of a scared federation. One step ahead of being hanged for treason, Elena must choose between the rebels she denies, the government she serves, and the chance to see tomorrow. (Science fiction, alternate history)

Transient Causes

When government agent Elena Cosgrove and her rebel contact Max are identified as compatriots to a weapons-runner named Pagan, they have no choice but to team up with him to steal a chemical toxin before his enemies can get to it. But fraternizing with rebels is strictly prohibited in the Union, and the more time Elena spends with Max, the more her hard-fought sympathies are roused, a development more hazardous than any toxin. (Science fiction, alternate history)

Stage of These Oppressions

With the Union’s prime minister losing her grip on command, Elena Cosgrove must barter her real identity to her rebel contact Max to ensure herself a future. Someone in the Core Council is taking advantage of the prime minister’s weakness to make an unprecedented grab for power, and to hell with the safety and security of the Union. To avenge her comrades and save the Union from free fall, Elena will align herself ever closer with the rebels who seek to overthrow it. (Science fiction, alternate history, in progress)

Other Works

Back in the 1990s “The Test” was published in Hearing Health magazine, about my experiences taking—and failing—hearing tests in elementary school. Since then I’ve published several articles in encyclopedias and can often be found developing manuscript and writing copy in the textbook market.


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