Publishing Fads: Covers and Interiors

I spend my day job in a publishing company. A year or so ago, we saw a lot of circles on book covers and interiors. Not just our books, but other publishers’ too. It made me really hate circles. These sorts of fads happen regularly, but there are certain things we tend to dislike no matter how contagious they become.

Here’s a short list of things we currently have an aversion to:

  • Pink (this is a forever aversion resulting from earlier trauma)
  • Cheesiness (I like a bit of cheese but Head Decider does not, much to my sadness)
  • Stock images (like stick people and other punch-card-like figures)
  • The / between the names of multiple authors (seen so often it feels like lazy design)
  • A new cover that looks a lot like a competitor’s cover (never a good thing; also a forever aversion)

For balance, I could make another list of things we like, but that’s much more a “know it when I see it” sort of thing.


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